All in Your Head

When I was young, throughout my teens and even into my adult life my Nan always told me to follow my head. She taught me that I can do anything. That all my dreams are within my reach if I work hard enough for them. As long as I was sensible and worked smart.  She’d […]

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Quarter Life Crisis

Is a quarter life crisis a thing? I feel like it’s a thing. Now I may not speak for the majority, but I feel like you hit your twenty-somethings and suddenly ask yourself “what the f*** am I doing with my life?” Nope? Just me? Surely it’s human nature to question the decisions we made […]

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A Happy New Year

I can’t believe that we are already saying goodbye to 2017 and seeing in the New Year This year has been a whirlwind of emotions but overall has been a big learning curve and has pathed the way for an amazing 2018. Losing my Nan was the hardest part of the year and things were […]

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France trip: Day 4 (Disney)

On Wednesday we did our second (and last) day in Disney and it was even more amazing than the first! We arrived just after 9am which gave us enough time to park the car and get to the gates before the park opened at 9.30. We went to the Disneyland Park after doing Walt Disney […]

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France trip: Day 1

2.45am and my alarm goes off..! I roll out of bed, throw on some clothes, grab our bags and get in the car. Nick drives to give me chance to sleep but I’m too excited – we’re on holiday!!! Around 6.30 we stop for an obligatory fry-up, switch seats and carry on to Dover ferry port. […]

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Disney haul – 13 Days to Disney

So this morning I woke up to a notification telling me it’s two weeks until we’re off to France, which means the holiday prep has now begun!!!!! Two weeks today we will be getting up crazy early and driving to the ferry port in Dover, about a 6-hour drive with a breakfast stop. We’re taking a ferry […]

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October is here

Today marks the first day, in my opinion, of the whole autumn/halloween/Christmas season. And let me tell you, it is my most favourite season of all!! I love the change of colours, the leaves on the ground and the rain. There’s nothing better than wrapping up warm, putting on some wellies and getting out and about. […]

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Project: Happiness

After admitting I’m struggling, and the doctor recommending I take some time off, I’m determined to use these 2 weeks to revamp my routine and get myself back on track. So here are the first things I did: Had my nails done – a fresh manicure can (nearly) always make everything better Booked a tattoo […]

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Bucket List

Everyone has one, right? Whether it be  things you want to do, places you want to go or people you want to meet, we all have a list. I seem to be forever adding to my list, but I’ve come to realise that this stuff doesn’t really mean anything. Not on its own, at least. […]

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