My First Four Weeks

So we have been completely back on plan for a little over four weeks now, and honestly I feel great!

I am 9lbs down.
Previously lost 1st 1.5lb but gained it all back over Christmas and holiday (plus 1lb for good measure), so currently 7.5lb off being back at my lowest weight.

There have been no more than two days where I exceeded my daily syns; one following an Easter egg hunt at work and the other due to a weekend away and a planned blow-out meal (rest of the weekend was on plan).

I have found it easier to make healthy choices when I eat out and have been spot-on with planning and preparing all my meals, including food to take to work. My food journal (from Princes Planning) is filled every day; I love being able to visualise my day and keep on plan. I also use their weekly meal planner to plan all my meals in advance. Means my food shopping is on point and I have no excuse to be off plan.

I’m not sure if I mentioned previously, but I used to suffer with really bad indigestion and acid reflux, particularly after a takeaway or heavy meal. Since being back on plan I have not suffered with this at all!

My running is improving little by little and I am still determined to be able to run my route without walking or stopping. My breathing is a big set back with this but I will only get better by carrying on. I can honestly feel the benefits as I’m sleeping better, feeling better in my clothes and feel my mood has improved (not sure if Nick would agree ha!)

I am starting to feel as though my results are not always reflective of my effort, as I would have liked to have lost more weight by now, but I’m determined not to let that discourage me. Too many times have I given up and lost motivation only to end up right back where I started. Not this time.

This time I am determined to stick with it, even if the scales don’t go my way or I have a bad run. I will stick with it when it feels pointless and I will stick with it even when I don’t want to.


Because this time I need to do it for me. I know I will look back in three months, six months, even a year, and see it was worth it.

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