Review: #GIRLBOSS by Sophia Amoruso

The debut novel by online fashion mogul Sophia Amoruso is any millennials how-to guide to kicking butt in your career and life.

I decided to read the book after watching the Netflix exclusive, Girlboss, starring Britt Robertson. The series was fresh, fun and enjoyable to watch. It was easy to watch and the story line was so fluid.

I bought the book from Amazon for £6.99 and I got it the following day using the Amazon Prime one day delivery. To be honest it spent a good few weeks (maybe even a month) on my bookshelf before I picked it up and started to read it, but when I did, boy was I glad.

Now I’m not claiming that this book unlocks the secret code to getting promoted but it does prove that anyone can be a badass with a little self belief and a lot of hustle.

Sophia tells her story of finding her way through her teenage years, young adult life and building an empire. She spills on all on flunking school, failed jobs (lots of them) and starting a multi-million dollar fashion brand from her apartment.

“There are secret opportunities hidden inside every failure.”
― Sophia Amoruso, #GIRLBOSS

Sophia’s journey is nothing short of inspiring and she certainly has learned a lot aboutYou create the world, blink by blink. It is entirely yours to discover and yours to create (2) being a badass boss along the way. Not only do you read about Sophia’s success story, you will also learn some vital do’s and don’ts to get by in the modern world. There is ample advice on self-belief, finding your ‘weird’ and handling your finances whether you’re the boss or working for the boss.

I enjoyed reading about some of Sophia’s earliest memories but I did find the timeline confusing sometimes. It seemed to randomly flick back to a much earlier stage of her life with little warning so I often found myself re-reading some parts just to be sure where I was. Apart from that I found the book very inspiring and struggled to put it down; I’m a very slow/sporadic reader and read it in the week we were on holiday.

I’d recommend this book for anyone looking for a bit of inspiration in an otherwise un-inspiring world. It’s not earth shattering and it’s not gonna answer all your prayers, but it emphasises the worldwide brand that it #Girlboss. It shows that every cloud has a silver lining.


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