How To: Spot your Quarter Life Crisis

Having a quarter life crisis isn’t necessarily as dramatic as it sounds.

It’s not always cutting your hair, getting a tattoo or buying a convertible sports car (proper 50 year old dad style). I mean, it was exactly like that for me but tell me one time something in my life hasn’t been as full on dramatic as absolutely necessary!

Hitting a quarter life crisis can be subtle. It can be a tiny niggling feeling in the pit of your stomach that maybe this isn’t what you want to study. It could be the pressure of everyone around you settling down and buying a house, when all you can afford is a box of wine. It could just be opening up Instagram and getting bummed out that you’re not off to California in your private jet that you father bought for you 21st birthday (no matter how much people say “it’s not real life”, it doesn’t stop us being jealous).

Your quarter life crisis might make you wonder how your temp job lasted five and a half years already and that you have absolutely no idea where your career is heading. You might make up your mind with exactly what you want to do, change your mind, and then change it again. You’ll probably think of every possible way to make a fortune overnight and never have to work another day in your life (but who doesn’t dream of that?).

You might experience a quarter life crisis when you’re laid in bed wondering if marrying the man sleeping next to you is really what you want to do. And again your at a cross-road. You might go through with it and it turn out to be everything you wished for. You might get married but only a few short years later come to the realisation that you shouldn’t have done it the first place and make the decision to leave. But you might be lying there in that bed with the overwhelming feeling that this is absolutely not what you want and you have no choice other than to walk away now.

Any one of these things could be considered your Quarter Life Crisis. You may only doubt one teeny, tiny part of your life and get off easy, or you could have to face the whole hog. Either way, call it what you will, this is something we all go through.

I, myself, have debated and questioned everything. All of the above.

I have cut my hair and got a tattoo. I have cut my hair again and got a sports car. I got married and then got divorced. I have realised I don’t want to do my job forever and I have considered every possible career choice. All to try and figure out who I am and what on earth I’m supposed to be doing here.

There will come a point where you have to give up your whole life for one thing... or give up that one thing for a whole other lifeAnd you wanna know what I’ve learned??


So, go ahead. Question everything about yourself.

Take a risk and get a new job – if you think it’s what you want. So what if it doesn’t work out. You are still only in your twenties!

Get married. Don’t get married. Get divorced.

Cut someone off if they no longer bring anything positive to the table. Don’t be afraid to surround yourself with love.

Now is the time to take the risks and make mistakes. Because when you’re 35 with kids and a mortgage, you want to look back and know you gave it your best shot.

Save really hard to buy a house. If it’s what you want. Not what you think you should be doing at this point in your life.

Don’t pay attention to what everyone else around you is doing. You’re not them. Go at your pace.

And finally do not compare yourself to those you see on social media. Nobody’s life really looks like that all the time.





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