Quarter Life Crisis

Is a quarter life crisis a thing? I feel like it’s a thing.

Now I may not speak for the majority, but I feel like you hit your twenty-somethings and suddenly ask yourself “what the f*** am I doing with my life?”

Nope? Just me?

Surely it’s human nature to question the decisions we made in our teens & early twenties that could impact the rest of our lives?

Yeah yeah, I know; I’ve already uprooted my life, got  married, got divorced and somehow started rebuilding myself. And honestly it’s going great. But how do you really know that you’ve become a successful adult?

I thought I already was. I have a good job and earn good money. I can afford to drive a new car (financed) and can go on holiday twice a year. But am I just conforming to what society tells me is ‘successful’? Am I just in the rat run? The never ending cycle of working just to live?

Being with Nick has really given me back my confidence. Confidence that I am enough, but also confidence that I can do more. Confidence that I can do literally anything I set my heart to. And that got me thinking…

We are bound only by the walls we build for ourselves, that much has always been true.

So I’ve decided to re-evaluate my life. Again. And you know what, that’s ok.

I’ll be checking up on everything; my relationships with the people I surround myself with, my career choices, my finances, my health. You name it, I’m sorting it.

In 2018, if something no longer makes me happy or brings anything positive to my life, I’m going to change it. And that’s the key; it’s down to me to change it. It’s down to me to make my own happiness. No more excuses or blaming something/someone else.

Good job I’ve already got a great guy, as I’ve got plenty more to be cracking on with. Nick, thank you for always been my biggest cheerleader. Love you more than you know.

Step one: finances

Stay tuned…

quater life crisis

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