A Happy New Year

I can’t believe that we are already saying goodbye to 2017 and seeing in the New Year

This year has been a whirlwind of emotions but overall has been a big learning curve and has pathed the way for an amazing 2018.

Losing my Nan was the hardest part of the year and things were tough, but I’m so lucky to have Nick & my family and to be surrounded by such amazing friends. Nick and I moved in together, went away to Cyprus and then to Disneyland Paris (my favourite holiday to date). I completed the Cancer Research Race for Life and we bought bikes to get around in the summer. Nick also topped off my year nicely by giving me the car of my dreams!

Nick, I can’t even begin to tell you how amazing you have made what could have been a pretty shit year. You bring so much joy into my life just by being in it and I am extremely blessed to share this journey with you. I am in awe of your hard work and determination to give us this amazing life. You have really been my rock this year and I can’t wait to see what this next year has in store for us.

Speaking of this next year, there is plenty for us to look forward to and many things I/we want to achieve.

We are seeing in the New Year in the best way possible; a chinese and Harry Potter at home. Just the two of us.
We are then off to Ikea tomorrow for some meatballs and a little shopping (any excuse to take the car out).

In a few short weeks we’re off to Amsterdam and will be looking to book Harry Potter World for the early part of 2018 (thank you to Nick’s mum and stepdad for the tickets). Now that we have my new sports car, we will probably take some weekend trips in the car.

On top of all this, here are a few things I want to do in 2018:

  • Read more; my goal is to read & finish a new book in January and go from there
  • Write more; explore my style and maybe start working on my novel
  • Lose 2 stone minimum; currently at 1st 1.5lb lose and aim to lose at least another 2st this year
  • Be more active; whether it be back to the gym or running, do something to get fit
  • Save some money; money always seems to have burnt a hole in my pocket so this year I want to get my spending under control and save some money
  • Find my calling; to find what it is I’m meant to do and start working towards it
  • Be present; spend less time worrying and more time enjoying every moment of life

I know not all of these goals are measurable and may seem a bit wishy-washy but as long as I can say I tried doing each of these things by the end of 2018, I’ll be happy.

As I share a few snaps from our highlights this year, I want to take this opportunity to wish everyone a very happy New Year. May 2018 bring good health, good friends and lots of new memories.


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