France trip: Day 2 (Disney)

Today was the day I’ve been waiting, the first day we visit Disneyland.

Left the caravan just after 7am for what was about a 1hr 15min drive to Disney. I was super excited the whole way there but seeing the Disney entrance was amazing.

We arrived around 9am and the car park was pretty quiet; we managed to get a space near the front.

Went to the ticket office to get our park tickets (we had booked in advance so they exchange your booking vouchers for tickets that scan at the gates).

Walking up to the main entrance was just amazing. You have Disney village (shops & restaurants) to your right, Walt Disney Studios straight ahead and Disneyland park on your left.

We opted to do Walt Disney Studios today as there’s a lot of indoor stuff and the weather was pretty wet.

We went straight to the Hollywood Tower of Terror as it was the first thing we came to. Queues for about 25/30 mins in total and honestly I was pretty nervous. For anyone who hasn’t ridden it, it’s based on The Twilight Zone and you go into an ‘elevator’ where you sit down and clip into a lap belt, and it basically just takes you up really high and then drops you.

What I wasn’t expecting is for the elevator doors to open when you’ve stopped right at the top. It was breathtaking as you can see everything ahead of you, including the Disney castle in the park next door. That enjoyment was short lived before we plummeted however far down in a matter of seconds!

Afterwards we wondered around and went to the ‘Cars’ stunt show, which is a series of car and motorbike stunts. I bought a novelty Disney bucket of popcorn when entering the arena and dropped it infront of everyone (so embarrassing and lost half my €9 popcorn).

By the time that ended it was Midday so we stopped for lunch at the Blockbuster cafe. €24 for two sandwiches, two drinks and a star shaped donut to share!!!!!

After lunch Nick dropped my popcorn bucket back to the car (he warned me I wouldn’t want to carry it around all day but this girl wanted popcorn) and I had a look around the souvenir/merchandise shops. We wondered around and took some more pictures. Rode on the tram which takes you ‘behind the scenes’ of film making and puts on some pretty cool visual effects.

We then went on the Aerosmith Rock ‘N’ Rollercoaster ride. I was bricking it and rightfully so – it was so scary. Almost lost my €17 sparkly Minnie Mouse ears for a start!! We got lucky and only had a 10min wait when we got there, when we got off it had gone up to 45mins – Nick tells me afterwards it’s probably reopened after ‘breaking down’!

Decided to ride the Hollywood Tower of Terror before finishing off that park and luckily got given some Fast Passes by someone who couldn’t use them so beat the 30ish minute wait.

Popped into Disneyland park to have a look around. By 4.30 the streets were already lined ready for the parade and it was pouring with rain (why?).

As we are coming back on Wednesday to do the Disneyland park properly, we decided to skip the parade today and went for dinner instead. Are at Planet Hollywood, which I would recommend. I had a burger and Nick had a pizza. The food wasn’t too badly priced for Disney and got a voucher from Travel Republic (who we booked our park tickets with) for 15% off.

Today was jam packed and we are both exhausted so another early night is in store. Up and out early again tomorrow for a day in Paris city.

Check put some of the pictures we snapped today 📸

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