France trip: Day 1

2.45am and my alarm goes off..!

I roll out of bed, throw on some clothes, grab our bags and get in the car. Nick drives to give me chance to sleep but I’m too excited – we’re on holiday!!!

Around 6.30 we stop for an obligatory fry-up, switch seats and carry on to Dover ferry port. Arrive there around 8.30 and check in for the 9.25 crossing to Calais.

I normally get sea sick but felt ok this time (I think the abundance of Reece’s pieces & peanut butter cups help).

The crossing goes quicker than I anticipate and by 11.30 (local time, one hour ahead) we’re driving on the wrong side of the road.

It’s amazing how beautiful the scenery is in France and how straight the roads are! Stop briefly for some fuel, a Candy Up (European chocolate milk – it’s delicious) and some sandwiches we brought with us.

The roads are so quiet and it soon seems normal to not see another car for a few miles. It’s clear the French value a Sunday much more than we do.

About 30 miles from our destination the Sat-Nav leads us up some country road and onto what seems like a cycle path. It’s along a canal, literally maybe 3ft from the water with no barrier between us! I’m convinced we’re not supppsed to driving up here but Sat-Nav seems to think so…

Get to the Eurocamp we’re staying at and we have a lovely little caravan with it’s own terrace a ‘driveway’. It’s the perfect place to rest our heads for the next few nights.

We pop out for a stroll around the lakes in the park before heading out for some dinner. Decide on a restaurant in Compiègne which is vibrant and busy; it’s settling to see it filled with locals rather than just tourists. I opt for moules & frites (mussels & fries) and Nick goes for a pasta dish.

Have a little wonder around the town but head back to the campsite before long. Quick shower & hair done and then it’s jammies on and in to bed. The fact that’s it’s barely past 8pm doesn’t matter as it’s been the longest but best day.

Alarms ready for tomorrow to get us up for our first day in Disney!!!!!

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