What is up there..?

It’s the age old debate; the world created in seven days or the Big Bang. Everyone has their own interpretations, beliefs or ideas, but how did the world begin all those years ago and what really is, if anything, up there ↑

Despite all the scientific discoveries and research, religion remains a massive part of millions of lives across the world and continues to cause more destruction than ever before.

I think it’s safe to say that the theory of God creating the world in seven days is a dying belief. There just seems to be too much scientific evidence to disprove it. However, it doesn’t appear to have deterred many people from believing in some form of a God.

So what is it about the idea of a higher being, heaven or an afterlife that is still so appealing to millions of people today?

I wasn’t raised in a religious household; my grandparents said they believed in God but it was never something that my parents particularly encouraged. We didn’t go to church except for school services (I went to a Church of England school). At school we sang religious hymns and recited the ‘Lord’s Prayer’ in morning assembly but that was really as far as it went.

As a child I always loved science as I love things being black and white, I like to know either it is or it isn’t. Despite this I remember always being fascinated by stories from the Bible and the whole concept of being religious. I definitely don’t believe in the whole ‘seven days’ concept but I like to believe that there is something bigger than us. There has to be.

Growing up I think I needed to believe in a higher purpose. My uncle passed child prayingaway when I was very young and I always found comfort in believing he was in a better place, a place we could be reunited when the time came.  It was also important for me to consider God and the values He set. It helped me figure out who I needed to be.

When my Nan got sick we didn’t talk about it much but she made it clear she would always be with us. It made it easier to cope with her loss knowing that she had been reunited with her son and was being looked after ‘up there’.

I feel like my faith has been tested many times over the last few years and I am still figuring things out. I don’t attend church, although I would like to; and I don’t pray very often but I do when I feel I need to. I think it needs to be a journey that evolves as you do.

What are your thoughts? Why do you believe one way or the other?

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