October is here

Today marks the first day, in my opinion, of the whole autumn/halloween/Christmas season. And let me tell you, it is my most favourite season of all!!

I love the change of colours, the leaves on the ground and the rain. There’s nothing better hot, chocolatethan wrapping up warm, putting on some wellies and getting out and about. Surprisingly I enjoy walking outdoors, particularly down the beach, more in the winter than I do in the summer. There’s something about the cold, wet sea air that does it for me.

It’s officially kind-of-acceptable to start watching Christmas movies and the perfect
weather to dust off the slow cooker. Not to mention the countless hot chocolates with cream and marshmallows!

With a new month and a new season (I know it’s not actually the start of a new season), it seems like a great opportunity for a new beginning.

I have been working on my mental health and wellbeing, and feel very focused on creating a better life. Not only for me but for Nick as well; he has been, and continues to be, the most amazing support. It’s time to reinvent myself and break outside of comfort zone.

Yes I still have some work to do to get back to 100% and that won’t come easily but I’m more determined than ever to do it.

With just 12 weeks until Christmas Eve (I can’t believe it either), here are the things I would like to achieve:

  • Complete Couch to 5k – I always seem to start running in the winter so this year is no exception
  • Re-join a Slimming World group – something I’ve been considering for a while so the countdown to Christmas seems like the perfect opportunity
  • Finish my project – I’ve been working on something which should be completed in the next couple months so will share details at a later date
  • Get back to the gym – I’ve really ditched out at the gym of the last couple months but aim to get back to going twice a week minimum.

Let’s set some goals and smash them!


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