Project: Happiness

After admitting I’m struggling, and the doctor recommending I take some time off, I’m determined to use these 2 weeks to revamp my routine and get myself back on track.

So here are the first things I did:

  • Had my nails done – a fresh manicure can (nearly) always make everything better
  • Booked a tattoo – I’ve wanted to get my ex-husband’s initial removed for over a year so I bit the bullet and booked it in!
  • Picked a new book to read – I normally struggle to find the time to read but now is my perfect opportunity. I picked Wild by Cheryl Strayed after loving the movie
  • Had coffee & lunch alone – I have gone to a café by myself, twice, (for the first time ever) and just sat there reading, writing and watching the world go by
  • Wrote – I’m pretty much an open book so I’ve decided to share my journey. Writing about it seems to make things a bit easier to process
  • Booked a massage – my idea of ultimate relaxation
  • Cooked dinner – it doesn’t sound like a lot but when I feel low I have no desire to cook and as Nick works late it often results in us getting take away.
  • Had sex – Honestly this was the last thing I was thinking about but it’s a big part of our relationship. I’m incredibly lucky to be with someone who values me and my feelings, and who makes me feel so safe whilst feeling this way. I want to keep our relationship as normal as possible through all of this
  • Had a lazy day – I slept in later than usual and spent the morning relaxing and dozing in bed. I then popped out for some lunch before coming back and chilling at home
  • Cleaned the house – whilst Nick was out I blitzed the whole house; tidying, hoovering, laundry, the lot. Wondering if a tidy home is really a tidy mind?? It does make me feel better though
  • Had a date night – Nick has really been my rock through everything so far and really knows how to put a smile on my face (especially when food is involved)
  • Had a day out – just the two of us went out for the day. Went shopping, got some lunch and played at the arcades at Trago Mills (a little shopping/leisure village)

It seems like a lot considering this was literally the first three days. I’m determined not to let this spiral out of control so I need to keep myself occupied.

Some snaps from my activities over the last few days. Check out my instagram for more!


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