The Next Steps

So after the divorce, the rekindled romance and the first few months, what comes next…

This is where the fun starts! We have all the time in the world to do whatever we want with nothing in our way.


Early on in our relationship Nick and I agreed that we don’t want to have any children. This is not for any reason other than it is what we both want.

I’d always assumed that me and my then-husband would become parents because that was what every newlywed couple did. I felt this enormous pressure to follow the norm, which wasn’t made any easier by frequent remarks from in-laws asking when they’d become grandparents. Looking back now, I think having a baby seemed like the next thing because being with him would never have been enough. I wouldn’t have been satisfied with it just being the two of us. But after I left and Nick came back into my life, I knew instantly that he was all I would need.

When I talk about our decision to not have children, I somehow feel a level of shame or judgement. Like I’m an anomaly amongst women for not wanting to do the one thing women were put on this planet for (come on people, it is 2017 after all). People always say “You’ll change your mind one day” or “You’d be such a good mum”. I’ll never say never, and maybe we will change our minds, but honestly at this point in my life I don’t think it’s a decision we’ll regret.

We have this amazing opportunity to live a wonderful life full of excitement. We are both fortunate enough to have stable jobs with good income, so there really are no limits. We have the world at our feet.

Like everyone, we have a bucket list of a million places we want to go, things we want to see and experiences we want to share. We want to buy our first home, maybe even our forever home, get married and dive head first into this crazy adventure together.

It’s exciting as we look to the next steps of our life and I can’t wait to share this with the world.

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